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extreme logistics

High priority services

anytime, anywhere

Our Services

Image by Ashim D’Silva

On Board Courier - OBC

We offer dedicated hand carry courier services for your most critical and time sensitive deliveries within Asia and to any international destination worldwide.

Next Flight Out - NFO

Our NFO service is the fastest Air expedite freight services. With dedicated pick up and delivery. The parcel is picked up immediately on arrival and delivered to the consignee's door. 

Plane on Runway

Our Features

Our specialised team is available 24/7 providing reliable, effective and dependable service  

Shortest and fastest route taken to minimise transfer times

Unhindered and smooth transport of your shipment

Real time monitoring from pickup to delivery

Continuous updates on shipment status (status reports)

Priority pick-up and delivery

We offer specialised packaging (if required)

Time Critical Solutions


Customer Enquires

Email us your 

specifications or requirements.

We do the planning and booking for you.

Priority Pick Up

We do the priority pick up with dedicated courier. And do the necessary documentations and cutsoms.

OBC  or NFO Shipment

We Pre-alert the releveant parties about the shipment.

Do the Transit point coordination and monitoring.

Dedicated Delivery

We Arrange for handover to airport or door services.

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