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About Us

Extreme Logistics

Tackling logistical challenges of an extreme nature

extreme logistics

Critical and Time-Sensitive

Logistics and Transport Solutions

That Saves Your Time

The world today is fraught with extremities of every nature: superpower trade tensions are flaring; pandemics are fragmenting traditional alliances; climate change is causing extreme weather. These are forcing markets to take extreme measures and navigate to new ideas.

Every idea begins with a problem. Ours was simple: tackling logistical challenges of an extreme nature.

We are Panalogs – a group of ordinary people who came together to do extraordinary things.  Like our parent Anvil, we believe that a better world is possible by taking on its extreme logistics challenges.

Our work is intensely meant only for the bold and courageous.  It involves meeting critical and time-sensitive needs to challenges of extreme magnitudes. We engineer logistics solutions - it could be about moving massive parts or just that critical one. We love every exhilaration, anytime, anywhere.

At Panalogs, we exist to free the world’s logistics disruptions for it to operate seamlessly.  And even as global issues become more complex, complicated and dangerous, we become more meaningful.

Our Vision

World leaders in

extreme logistics.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with peace of mind by engineering solutions to address their project and time critical logistics challenges.

Purpose Statement

We exist to free our clients from their extreme logistics challenges.


Services We Offer

We Engineer Logistics Solutions

to Address Extreme Challenges.


Project Logistics

Our specialists and engineers are hard‐wired to meet our clients’ unique requirements and within this, manage the unforeseen challenges which often involve one‐of‐a‐kind transfers.  


Time Critical Solutions

Our swift‐thinking and dots‐connecting specialists are wired to execute with precision. We stand ready to solve your time‐critical challenges with our expertise

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