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Building Plans

Planning + Consulting

Since there is nothing “routine” about projects, solutions are almost always customised. The process of customisation includes conducting a feasibility study to ascertain the transportation methods and routes, embarkation and disembarkation points, meeting relevant authorities and agencies regulations, provision and submission of relevant documents governing operations such as Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Loading and Lifting Plans.

Project Engineering

Project type cargoes by nature, often present a different set of requirements to facilitate mobilisation. Cradles may have to be constructed for the transportation of umbilical reels, spreader bars are often required to render stability and prevent damage during lifting and hotworks such as welding to enhance seafastening may be required to meet marine warranty specifications.

Construction Workers

Vessel & Aircraft Chartering 

Standard containerised and airfreight services may find project cargoes or the locations shipped to and from, too much of a handful. Situations like these may call for either part chartering or full chartering of purpose built vessels and aircrafts, depending on the job at hand. Panalogs Projects offers a wide range of ocean faring vessels from RO.RO types to barges, HLV, OSV, AHTS as well as semi-submersibles for offshore deliveries. Aircraft chartering possibilities would range from commercial airliners to military cargo aircrafts such as the Antonov series.

Project Management

Project logistics often involve detailed planning, costing and variance reporting, timeline management and risk management is of paramount importance. Our projects team at panalogs projects embraces these parameters with tenacity and dexterity. Working closely with our clients while putting together our comprehensive suite of resources remain the recipe for successful execution of any project awarded.

Team High Five


Co-ordination commences from the very onset of a project. Sequential collection of cargoes, engaging of suitable sailings and flights, monitoring the transits and arrivals, customs clearances, stowage and subsequent deliveries to site address all require tight co-ordination in order to provide the end-to-end service quality that is second to none.


Supervision at site provides all the necessary updates to our co-ordinators, so that continuous evaluation can be done, prompting the next stage of operations. Site supervision also serves to identify deviations from planned sequences to operations enabling our Co-ordinators and Managers to convey such updates to our clients and for alternative action plans where necessary. Known as “Supercargoes”, our supervisors deployed at site also ensure that cargo integrity as well as safety of both premises and personnel are not compromised.

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We have experience, dexterity and tenacity to meet challenges of Project Logistics

Project Logistics is amongst industry players in the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas (MOOG) and the Energy, Engineering and Construction (EEC), as an organization offering end to end services including freight and logistics services encompassing heavy-lift operations, chartering of purpose-built vessels and aircraft, customs brokerage, multi-modal transportation as well as storage, packing and crating.


We bring to the industry a combination of experience, dexterity and tenacity in meeting the challenges of project logistics and in so doing, provide value propositions that our customer can rely on for the final deliverables!

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